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Thanksgiving Flying Turkey

4.8 ( 7488 ratings )
게임 음식 및 음료 아케이드 가족
개발자: Marco Wenisch
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Thanksgiving Flying Turkey is the perfect way to mess with your family and friends on Thanksgiving.
In this game you have a great way for passing the time instead of being bored during the days with your family.
The game is a funny jump & run based game with nice graphics and animations.

Why you should choose this game:
Its a funny Thanksgiving jump and run game with a funny animated turkey!

Thanksgiving can come and you will never be bored again at thanksgiving!

We develop new levels and improve things like the baked turkey for this thanksgiving game every day - You will get new stuff EVERY WEEK and the game wont become boring!

But not only on Thanksgiving - This game is the perfect way to bridge waiting times or just pass the boredom!

There is only one thing more to say: